Conference Speakers

Joel Sheltrown

Mr. Sheltrown, a pro-life Democrat from northern Michigan, served as state representative of Michigan’s 103 rd House District for the maximum allowable three terms.  He was chairman of the House Tourism and Natural Resources Committee for 4 years, and the primary sponsor of thirteen Public Acts and nine Adopted Resolutions.

Currently, Mr. Sheltrown is VP of Governmental Affairs for Elio Motors and is a member of the Launch Team. He also handles governmental affairs for Arcimoto. Both companies manufacture three-wheel motor vehicles. He is responsible for state and federal statutes and regulations affecting Elio Motors and Arcimoto or any of their suppliers. 

Joel is also on the Board of Advisors of Kapeesh, Inc., a learning app featuring live tutors for students having difficulty with STEM. His responsibilities include legislative and regulatory issues and assistance with pilot programs and funding. He is also a member of the Launch Team.

Previously, Mr. Sheltrown worked on governmental affairs for the Detroit International Bridge.  He was responsible for all state matters concerning the Ambassador Bridge International Crossing.

Mr. Sheltrown attended Western Michigan University and is a Vietnam veteran of two tours. He is also an accomplished musician and recording artist on the saxophone.